Multisensory Phonics Reading Program

Phonics Help Kids Learn to Read…And Enjoy Learning!

From the mailbag, Dr. Linda Silbert answers a reader’s questions asking if phonics-based reading programs work for a struggling reader.

Struggling readers can benefit from multisensory phonics reading programsDear Dr. Linda:

My daughter has a terrible time with reading. The teacher suggested that I look for materials that use the Orton-Gillingham Method.

Then I talked to another mom whose daughter also had trouble with reading. She said that she’d heard the Wilson Method was good too.

I have no clue about these methods. I’m not a teacher, but I really want to help my daughter with reading. Can you tell me what to do? Do I have to know these methods in order to help my child? Confused Mom

Dear Confused Mom:

You can certainly help your daughter with reading without knowing the Orton-Gillingham Method or the Wilson Method. But before you do anything, first [Read more…]

Teaching ESL Students to Read

Teaching ESL Kids to readWhat Works Best for ESL Children?

Teaching ESL students to read can be a triple challenge. They don’t know English very well. Some can be dyslexic or have other learning challenges. And few of them will hear English spoken at home, much less will parents be able to help.

Although most of us don’t think about it in this way, language is noise. Children learn their native language by organizing this noise into discreet and meaningful sounds.  The sounds makes sense as syllables , words, and sentences.

ESL students who learn English quickly do this easily. Other students struggle with [Read more…]

Kids Who Do Not Like Reading

Kids Start Dropping Out of College in Elementary School

Do you have kids who do not like reading and wondering what to do about it? To find a solution, Dr. Linda suggests finding the reasons they don’t like reading and may be doing poorly in school.

Kids who do not like reading suffer in school their entire livesDear Dr. Linda,
My daughter is going into the 6th grade. She hates to read, and has been labeled dumb and lazy by many of her teachers. In fact, I feel they have given up on her. I don’t think she applies herself well, and I think she’s finally gotten to a point where she doesn’t even care anymore.

What can I do over the summer to help her so the next school year isn’t so emotional for her. I’m afraid she’s becoming depressed. She really is very smart. Mary

Dear Mary,
Every child, teen, and adult wants to get an A+. Everyone wants a gold star. When it doesn’t happen, they may become [Read more…]

History of Tiger Tuesday

How The Million-Selling Little Twirps Morphed Into 21st Century Tiger Tuesday

1970s reading program characters The Little TwirpsLinda and Al Silbert created trademarked Little Twirps characters in 1976. Their leading character was a little boy named, Tiger. Tiger and his siblings lived in charming Twirptown, as the hand crafted creations of Mr. & Mrs. Elias T. Twirp. Making dolls, and the extensive dollhouse village, was the life-long hobby of the Twirp family. Their passion in life, Twirptown was nothing short of a masterpiece.

The Twirp family was not without its share of ups and downs. There was even a time when Twirptown was almost lost forever. Its near demise was due to the greed of a land developer and his powerful and unscrupulous accomplices. Only moments before it was to be bulldozed into extinction, Twirptown was saved by the most amazing chain of events. Miraculously, without any warning, Tiger, the doll that Mr. & Mrs Twirp had just finished, came to life and leaped off of the work table and out of the door. As he ran up and down the streets of Twirptown, everything in this lovely toy village was transformed into a dream come true. All of Twirptown came alive!

The subsequent adventures in Twirptown are the basis of eight storybooks (1977) and an unlimited number of humorous and heartwarming episodes. [Read more…]

Teaching ADHD Kids to Read

Tiger Tuesday teaching  ADHD children to readAre Your ADHD Kids Too Fidgety to Read?

Kids who have ADHD often have a hard time sitting still. Not to mention doing the same boring thing over and over again.

Instead of insisting that they sit still, try strategies that encourage moving. Instead of boring worksheets, try games.

Helping ADHD kids with reading proficiency often requires flexibility and creativity on the part of reading specialists, teachers and parents. Teaching ADHD kids to read can be [Read more…]

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