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Tiger Tuesday™ is a truly interactive, multi-sensory reading program for beginning readers or an engaging, anxiety reducing fun intervention program for struggling readers. Kids don’t think it’s schoolwork. They think it’s fun! So will you!
Whether you’re a reading specialist, tutor, ESL teacher, school administrator, curriculum director, parent or home schooling parent, you’ll find that The Tiger Tuesday Reading Readiness Program and the Tiger Tuesday Reading Program will be a welcome addition to your educational program because it closes the reading gap by engaging young readers through games, plays and more!

Select the Program that’s Best for You

Complete Reading Program

Complete Reading Program: (A597) $1059 ($1183 value)
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Option 1. Tiger Tuesday Complete Reading Program

All 7 Modules (the 2 Reading Readiness Modules and the 5 Reading Modules) including Thurman the Dog stuffed animal and Marshmallow the Frog stuffed animal.

Once you have the complete program, you determine which Module is appropriate for each child by administering the Student Inventory, which takes less than 5 minutes to administer per child.

Or, if you’re working with a beginning reader, you start with Level’s A & B and when your child is ready, you move onto Levels 1-5.

Pick the module your student needs most and work with the student and their FunBook. Play the games with them. Watch them act out the lessons. The Teacher’s Guide will help you answer their questions and guide you through how to teach individual students.  Then the Teacher’s Guide will help you evaluate when it is time to move on to the next module. A597 Actual cost  $1,183 Your cost $1059. Save $124. Best Deal!

Reading Readiness Bundle

Reading Readiness Bundle: (A592) $229 ($258 value)
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Option 2. Tiger Tuesday Reading Readiness Program

Purchase the first two modules because they are essential for beginning readers. Consists of the Alphabet Module Level A and Consonant Sounds Module Level B

Reading Readiness: Alphabet Module Children must learn the alphabet before they can learn words. This module includes games, a FunBook, detailed Teacher’s Guide with additional activities and songs that help beginning readers learn the alphabet.

Reading Readiness: Consonants Sounds Module Next, we help kids recognize consonants and consonant blends with their spoken sounds. This module includes games, a FunBook, detailed Teacher’s Guide with additional activities and songs. A592- Actual cost $258. Your cost $229. Save $29.


Reading Program Bundle Modules 1-5

Reading Program Bundle Modules 1-5: (A595) $862 ($958 value)
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Option 3. Tiger Tuesday Reading Program

Purchase the 5 Reading Modules: CVC Module Level 1, VCE Module Level 2, Vowel Digraphs Module Level 3, R-Controlled Vowels Module Level 4, Diphthongs Module Level 5. You also receive Thurman the dog and Marshmallow the frog.

Consonant-Vowel-Consonant Module Introduces the Consonant-Vowel-Consonant pattern where kids begin to decode words and syllables. As with all modules, these lessons are fun for kids because games and plays are part of the lessons.

Vowel-Consonant-E Module Reading comprehension and self-confidence continue to improve as kids begin decoding words using “Vowel-Consonant-E” pattern. More games and fun activities!

Vowel Digraphs Module Students learn more about words with vowel digraphs ai, ay, ea, ee, ie, oa, oe, ow and ue. This module helps reduce frustration and anxiety associate with reading, while enhancing self-esteem.

R-Controlled Vowels Module Introduces the R-Controlled Vowel patterns (ar, er, ir, or and ur) and reinforces skill in decoding and fluently reading R-Controlled Vowel words and syllables.

Diphthongs Module Complete fluency, self-esteem, comprehension, vocabulary and handwriting all come together in the 7th module with words that contain two vowels that produce a single new sound.

All of these modules include a Teacher’s Guide that includes answers to Student FunBooks. – A595 Actual cost $958. Your cost $862. Save $96.

Option 4. Purchase Individual Modules

See how well it works by trying just one module at a time!

Buy only the modules your child will need as they need them! And if you decide to upgrade to the complete Tiger Tuesday Reading Program, contact us to adjust your cost if you decide to buy the Complete Tiger Tuesday Reading Program (A597)! That way you can see for yourself just how successful this reading program really is. Click on the modules below to find out more.

Alphabet Module Level A – M599 $110.

Consonant Sounds Module Level B – M600 $115.

CVC (Consonant Vowel Consonant) Module Level 1 – M601 $185.

VCE (Vowel Consonant E) Module Level 2 M602 $185.

Vowel Digraphs Module Level 3 M603 $185.

R-Controlled Vowels Module Level 4 M604 $185.

Diphthongs Module Level 5 M605 $185.

Option 5. Tiger Tuesday Game Bundles

By playing games beginning readers and struggling readers learn how to read because they’re having fun! Click on the links below to find out more about the individual games.

Alphabet Level A – G599 Actual cost $60. Your cost $54.

Consonant Sounds Level B – G600 Actual cost $60. Your cost $54.

CVC (Consonant-Vowel-Consonant) Level 1 – G601 Actual cost $95. Your cost $85.

VCE (Vowel-Consonant-E) Game Bundle Level 2 G602 Actual cost $95. Your cost $85.

Vowel Digraph Game Bundle Level 3 – G603 Actual cost $95. Your cost $85.

R-Controlled Vowels Game Bundle Level 4 – G604 Actual cost $95. Your cost $85.

Diphthongs Game Bundle Level 5 – G605 Actual cost $95. Your cost $85.

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