Decoding Words: CVC

The Tiger Tuesday CVC Module

CVC Module Level 1 – M601 – $185 (click on image to add to shopping bag)

The CVC Module focuses on decoding words that conform to the Consonant-Vowel-Consonant pattern sight words and vocabulary development, reading comprehension, fluency and self-esteem. Examples of CVC words include: Cat, Hen, Pig, Mop and Bus.

The CVC Module:

  1. Introduces the CVC pattern and reinforces skill in decoding and fluently reading CVC words and syllables. Examples of CVC words include: Cat, Hen, Pig, Mop and Bus.
  2. Introduces sight and fun words, builds vocabulary and general knowledge.
  3. Improves fluency, reading comprehension and handwriting
  4. Maintains motivation using stories, activity sheets, games and plays involving a central group of characters
  5. Increases self-confidence and reduces anxiety and frustration associated with reading
  6. Enhances self-esteem, social skills, higher-order learning

The CVC Module Includes:

  • Teacher’s Guide – CVC Level 1 which includes the answers to the CVC Student FunBook
  • Student FunBook CVC Level 1 (For multiple copy discount go to Order Now)
  • Fill-the-HoLearning CVC Words is Funuse Game –CVC Families for 2 to 12 players
  • Card Game-CVC Pattern Words (5 games in 1) which can be used to play all of these games, Go Fish, Crazy Eights, Memory, Old Maid or War
  • Card Game-Sight & Fun Words 1(4 games in 1) which can be used to play all of these games, Go Fish, Memory, Old Maid or War
  • Card Game-Consonant Blends, Digraphs & Trigraphs (4 games in 1) which can be used to play all of these games, Go Fish, Memory, Old Maid or War
  • Card Game-CVC Word Endings (4 games in 1) which can be used to play all of these games, Go Fish, Memory, Old Maid or War
  • Flashcards/Spelling Showdown Game-CVC Patterns to play games one-on-one or with teams
  • Set of Characters and Play Props Cards to use with the plays
  • Free Tiger Tuesday Reading Program Downloads: Smart-board friendly scenery to choose from when performing Tiger Tuesday plays, Newsletters from Tuesday Street, The Tuesday Street Times, which teachers can also adapt to the class, forms for Thurman and Tiger’s home visits, treasure chest of sentence and story starters, forms for Tiger Tuesday games played at home, Tiger Tuesday Reading Inventory and Paper puppets to use with plays
  • A copy of the award-winning book, The Tale of Tiger Tuesday, to introduce Tiger, his family and Tuesday Street.

To enhance this learning module and make learning even more fun, please consider buying the optional stuffed dolls Marshmallow the Frog or Thurman the Dog.  Kids take these friends home with them and report back on what they did and where they went! (Another reason this reading program is unlike anything on the market today!)

“Students who do not develop reading fluency, regardless of how bright they are,
are likely to remain poor readers throughout their lives.”

– National Reading Panel, 2000

What is included in each FunBook?

  • Each FunBook consists of 7 chapters. Each chapter begins with a story that includes new words that are read aloud and discussed before reading the story.
  • Following each story are Do You Remember? and Do You Know? Sections aimed at reinforcing development of reading comprehension and assessment of grade-appropriate math and general knowledge.
  • 2014 Mom’s Choice Gold Award Winner for Fiction
  • About YouThis page follows which guides students to identity development by stimulating thought about what they would do (or do differently) in situations like those the Tuesday family encounters. Students begin to formulate stories of their own and practice writing.
  • Next comes a unique type of Word Find, one which makes young readers focus on the new words encountered in the story.
  • Phonics Fun involves identifying the correct vowel. Clues are provided in both verbal and pictorial form.
  • Rhyme Time reinforces familiarity with consonant sounds.
  • Word Jumble requires students to identify the correct order of letters in a word and demonstrate through writing.Learning to read fun activities
  • Name Game gives students practice in writing and spelling, going from picture to word.
  • Circle and Write requires students to circle the correct words and write them on the lines provided.
  • Sentence Scramble exposes students to the basics of sentence construction and it is focused on the main theme of the story.
  • Activity sheets focus on the primary decoding skill while continuing to focus on the story.
  • The last activity in each chapter is the original story in play form which can be staged in a variety of ways and are very popular. Most children choose to dress and act as the characters themselves in front of the Smartboard in their classroom which has the online scenery that is included with the each module.
  • The Teacher/Parent Guide contains detailed lessons. Unlike other programs on the market, the Teacher/Parent Guide is comprehensive. The lessons may be used in sequential order, an order the teacher sees useful or individually as needed.

MODULES: Alphabet | Consonants | CVC | VCE | Vowel Digraphs | R-Controlled | Diphthongs

Phonics Centered — Consistent with Orton-Gillingham — Multisensory