Easy Directions

1. Two minutes to learn Pick up any SuperDeck. Take two minutes to learn one game (because learning ten games can be overwhelming). We suggest you begin with Go Fish ( for 2 to 4 up to 6 players). It’s easy and kids love it.

2.Add another game When you’re ready, take two minutes to learn another popular game, Memory (for 2 or more players).

3. Over time, add other games.

Classroom Friendly Bingo

Most games require one deck per 4 to 6 students. However, Bingo is small group and classroom friendly.

1. Make copies of blank Bingo cards. Decide which of two bingo cards you want to use, 9 squares for younger students, 24 squares for older students. Make one copy for each student, and a few extras.

2. Have students fill in the squares with the information found on the LIST card for the deck. Note: While this takes a few minutes, teachers report that it is time well spent, as students start learning even before they begin to play. Optional: Have students write their name on their sheet and save for future play.

3. Follow directions for Bingo.

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Tiger Tuesday version of Fill-the-House Lotto Game Directions

Download directions Fill-the-House Lotto


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