Farmington Valley Academy Montessori

Testimonial from the Head of the School:

Hi Linda,
I would like to report on our trial experience using Tiger Tuesday at our school with our toddler class right through our fifth grade.

  • The Toddler teacher reported that the students loved Thurman and Marshmallow and served to engage them in both the story and letter sound and name recognition. The songs that were suggested were fun and served to assist each little student in processing and retaining the information. In short, they requested these songs each day. We also found the card matching letter/sound material to be a great assist and very helpful to our older toddlers, 2.5 to 3 years of age.
  • Primary Classroom – students age 3 to 6 The program was a huge hit for this age group and classroom. Again one of the strong points was that it readily engaged each student at the level that they were working at. We saw excellent progress with each student in the following areas: more automatic recall of the sound/symbol relationship, more fluent decoding, more enthusiasm to work with language and more fluent word and sentence reading, Again, the children very much enjoyed the story, taking Thurman and Marshmallow home. The games were extremely using in engaging the students to reinforce the language skills that we were working on. We found the writing exercises to help to reinforce proper letter formation. Shy, insecure and reluctant readers may significant progress using Tiger Tuesday. They were having so much fun they forgot their worries.
  • Lower El Classroom (grades 1 through 3) In the Lower Elementary level, we met with continued success. The students loved Thurman and Marshmallow, the Tiger Tuesday story, the games, as well as the workbooks. They very much enjoyed acting out the plays and we found that these did help with their fluency as it was more fun and purposeful rather than just fluency work. We found that all students progressed very well as it was a very well thought out and sequential program. Again, in particular it provided students who were struggling with language an enjoyable way to reinforce, reprocess and remember the skills that were taught to them.
  • Upper El Classroom (grades 4 and 5) The more difficult higher level skills were very helpful to all of our 4th and 5th graders. These students also loved the games as well as Thurman and Marshmallow. The plays were a big hit and did increase fluency. The program also provided students who had language learning difficulties the opportunity to work on these in a fun, engaging way.
    At all levels, the teachers felt the material was easy to use and understand as well as covering the wide range of language skills that students from toddler through 5th grade need to develop and master. I am so happy that I decided to attend your workshop as I feel all of our students and our teachers benefited tremendously from your program and workshop. Please feel free to give our name to anyone who like to discuss your program further.

Thank you,
Sharon Healy
Head of School
Farmington Valley Academy Montessori

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