What comes in a module?

The contents shown below are included with each of the modules of the Reading ProgramCVC, VCE, Vowel Digraphs, R-Controlled Vowels, and Diphthongs. The Alphabet and Consonant Sounds modules, part of the Reading Readiness Program, include other activities outlined in the accompanying Teacher’s Guide.

2014 Mom's Choice Award Winner for Fiction (Gold)

2014 Mom’s Choice Award Winner for Fiction (Gold)

The Tale of Tiger Tuesday

At the heart of the Tiger Tuesday Program are the characters who live on Tuesday Street. In The Tale of Tiger Tuesday, Tiger and all of the characters who appear in the stories in each unit and module are introduced. A video of the story is also available for streaming at home or in the classroom, as shown below.

Student FunBook(s)

Based on the option you choose—General Classroom, Small Group, or Individual, one or more student FunBooks are included. FunBooks are spiral-bound to lay flat, easy for children to use. Each student Funbook has seven (7) chapters or story units.



1. An age-appropriate story involving Tiger and one or more of his family members
2. Reading comprehension and general knowledge questions relating to the story
3. Phonics worksheets that:

a. Reinforce learning of the focused-on phonemic pattern via writing, word searches, and other exercises
b. Encourage self-exploration and higher order thinking
c. Provide practice with distinguishing between beginning consonant sounds in rhyming words that conform to the focused-on phonemic pattern
d. Communicate “concepts of print” through word and sentence “scrambles” — letters appear in a specific order to create words, and words appear in a specific order to create sentences

4. Script for a play that reprises the story.


The glue of the Tiger Tuesday Program are the included games. Provided with each module are lotto-style “Fill-the-House” games that provide practice with word “families” like the “ake” family shown below (cake, make, rake, take, etc.); bridge-sized cards used to play games like Memory, Go Fish, and War (directions for play are included in the Teacher’s Guides) focused on the current phoneme; and two sets of “flashcards” provided for use in the Spelling Showdown game, with suggestions for play with one child or with teams. In addition to the phoneme-based card games, each module includes supplementary card games used to teach other ELA concepts like word endings, homophones, compound words, prefixes and suffixes, syllabication, and more.


Teacher’s Guide

Each teacher’s guide comes with suggestions for introducing and reviewing each phonemic pattern, detailed “Do” and “Say” instructions for getting the most from the program, and pre-designed lesson plans, outlining objectives and materials needed. Mini-images of each Student FunBook are shown, along with answers to worksheets. Sample pages are shown from the CVC Teacher’s Guide below.


And more!

Also included with each module are printable black-and-white versions of the card and lotto games for home practice; seven issues of The Tuesday Street Times, newsletters tied to each chapter unit in which the child becomes the “reporter” and answers riddles, opinion questions, and solves word-find puzzles; and background scenery used as “sets” for plays. (Scenes can be displayed on a smartboard or projected onto a screen.)

Marshmallow Take Home DollThurman Take Home Doll

Thurman and Marshmallow stuffed animals are included when the Full Program, Reading Readiness Program, and Reading Program are purchased. We recommend that at least one of each is purchased, as they are favorites of children and in individual tutoring and small group applications, help keep students engaged. When feasible, we recommend allowing children to take home the stuffed animals to “pet-sit,” as “journal” sheets are provided for children to write about what Thurman and Marshmallow did on their visits to the child’s home.

To see what comes with a specific phonemic module, click the one you that’s right for your students.

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