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The Tiger Tuesday Reading Program is balanced literacy at its best. This comprehensive research-based program using differentiated instruction, geared to engage kids of all preferred learning styles and student personalities, is centered around the same group of characters and age-appropriate stories and plays to maintain interest.

It is aligned with CCSS for PreK through Grade 3 for reading and for social studies for children to continue to succeed in the higher grades. It’s solid with respect to all the rules.

This is based on your input!

  1. standarized testsGuided reading program
  2. Research-based
  3. Integrates phonics and whole language components
  4. Includes open-ended questions and math problems in every module
  5. Kids draw pictures to promote self-esteem
  6. Easy assessment tools for tracking individual and classroom progress, which will let you know when to move to the next module
  7. Aligned with Common Core Standards for English Language Arts
  8. Compatible with the Orton Gillingham approach

game playingImproving schools requires closing reading gaps in grades 1 through 3. The Tiger Tuesday Reading Program was designed precisely for the purpose of closing those gaps, giving teachers a toolkit aimed at engaging even students with severe learning disabilities and providing them alternative neural pathways to learning the foundational skills they need.

By making learning to read fun again (and reducing and eliminating learned resistance due to prior frustration), the program closes early reading gaps with greater speed.

“I must read The Tale of Tiger Tuesday, to all my students because I just love this book.”
Reading teacher, K-3, Montessori  School.

teacher reading guideWe heard teachers complain about teacher’s guides, so we made sure that the Tiger Tuesday Teacher’s Guide is comprehensive and complete. We’ve provided step-by-step guidelines for how to assess what an individual student knows and doesn’t, how to present and reinforce the rules for phonetic decoding, even for kids with cognitive and behavioral difficulties—they’re the ones from whom we’ve learned most.

Follow the guidelines religiously or loosely, according to your teaching style, the needs of your students and the speed with which they learn. But remember that each component of the program is important to the process.

How to Make Reading Easier to Learn, Easier to Teach and Have Fun Doing It!

guided reading programThe Tiger Tuesday Reading Program is unique because kids don’t even know they are learning. They think they are playing! It’s the “funnest way to learn to read.”

  • No other reading program allows kids to act out what they just learned by producing the lessons as a play.
  • Plays come to life with online Smartboard scenery or with paper characters and props.
  • Kids receive emails from Tiger Tuesday and they can answer them back.
  • Kids can pet sit for the Tuesday family’s pet dog Thurman and pet frog Marshmallow and then report on what they did and who they met.

“Teaching reading IS rocket science.”
 – Louisa Moats, Nationally Recognized Reading Authority

Teacher Friendly.

The Tiger Tuesday Reading Program was developed by teachers for teachers. Learn more about the history, characters and creators by clicking here.

We asked teachers what they wanted and need…

  • Learning to read with flashcards

    Learning to read with flashcards

  • Teaches phonics and sight words
  • Improves writing and vocabulary
  • Helps fluency & comprehension
  • Easy because it is adaptable to any setting or student
  • Helps beginners and older struggling readers
  • Full year or Once a Week Program
  • Kids learn when they are playing, having fun and are engaged


We train, support and encourage you!

You know that seeing the words, saying the words, listening to the words, and writing the words all engage different parts of the brain on the way to their storage in memory. Whether children encounter the words on flashcards or game pieces or write them on a board or on an activity sheet or read and recite lines in a play is irrelevant. Reading is fundamental.

Miss Daisy

Tiger’s teacher Ms. Daisy

Practice is important. But it doesn’t have to be a drudgery.

Celebrate every success!

Downplay mistakes. Make some mistakes yourself and point them out.

Make them relax and you’re already halfway there. Don’t forget to have fun yourself. If you do, so will they.

And the next time you turn around, they’ll be reading.

One Director of Curriculum Development said…

I have to show this to my teachers. Its got everything I need. It’s a balanced literacy program with the same characters over and over again. My kids will be able to relate to them. Plus, the cost is reasonable.
Director of Curriculum Development

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Modules can be purchased separately.

Find out more at Alphabet | Consonants | CVC | VCE | Vowel Digraphs | R-Controlled | Diphthongs

Individual components, such as flash cards, games, props and Teacher’s Guides can also be replaced, if needed.

Phonics Centered — Consistent with Orton-Gillingham — Multisensory