Not Reading in First Grade

Not reading in first grade

Most Children Begin Reading in First Grade. Your Mileage May Vary.

Today’s question comes from a concerned mother who asks Dr. Linda if her son should be reading more and playing less.

Dear Dr. Linda,
Joey is entering first grade and still isn’t reading. All he wants to do is play. Every day this summer I made him take time to read.

I bought him a lot of reading workbooks that said for Grade 1. It’s been a disaster. He won’t do them, ends up crying, and I end up yelling.

I’m really scared that he’s going to have a hard time in school because he won’t be able to read. And, if this isn’t bad enough, my mother-in-law is mad at me because she thinks I shouldn’t be bothering Joey with reading.

She keeps telling me that he should go out and play. How do I convince her that reading is important?

Thanks. Valerie [Read more…]

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