Parenting Holiday Stress

Holiday Parenting Stress Tips

The holidays can add to the normal stress that parents suffer throughout the year. In this Q&A, find out what Dr. Linda recommends to alleviate parenting stress and get a free resource to help your kids learn to study.

holiday parenting stress tips for any time of year.Dear Dr. Linda,

I know the holiday season is supposed to be a joyous and fun time for kids and adults. But I have to tell you that I begin dreading the holiday season around Halloween and don’t calm down until after New Years. Every year seems to be the same. I end up getting crazy with shopping, baking, gift wrapping, sending out holiday cards, etc.

My youngest, Evan, now in fifth grade and my daughter, Maddie, now in eighth grade, always seem to start doing poorly in school at this time of the year. I know why. I usually help them with their homework and stuff, but I don’t have the time or strength to help them during the holidays. My husband is rarely around because he travels for business.

Well, this year’s not any different. Last night, Evan was so confused by his homework that he needed more help than usual. I was so stressed out that I couldn’t figure it out either. The combination of the homework and my inability to help caused him to have a total meltdown. Then this morning I got a call from Maddie’s school counselor to tell me that her teachers would like to have a meeting with me to discuss Maddie’s recent drop in grades and her attitude.

How do other parents do this?

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