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From the mailbag, Dr. Linda Silbert answers a reader’s questions asking if phonics-based reading programs work for a struggling reader.

Struggling readers can benefit from multisensory phonics reading programsDear Dr. Linda:

My daughter has a terrible time with reading. The teacher suggested that I look for materials that use the Orton-Gillingham Method.

Then I talked to another mom whose daughter also had trouble with reading. She said that she’d heard the Wilson Method was good too.

I have no clue about these methods. I’m not a teacher, but I really want to help my daughter with reading. Can you tell me what to do? Do I have to know these methods in order to help my child? Confused Mom

Dear Confused Mom:

You can certainly help your daughter with reading without knowing the Orton-Gillingham Method or the Wilson Method. But before you do anything, first [Read more…]

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