Organizing Student Work

An Organized Student is a Happy Student

Organized student workingWhich makes you a happy parent!

This post originally appeared in Dr. Linda’s syndicated newspaper column on September 4th, 2014 at the start of the school year. Getting students organized is beneficial anytime. Helping kids get organized, especially if they have ADHD, will help improve grades and make for a happier school year for both your young student and you!

Dear Dr. Linda:

A couple years ago you wrote a column about organizing student work, especially all that paper they bring home from school. You explained a system for helping kids organize this mess. I didn’t pay much attention at the time because my kids were little. One of them wasn’t even in school yet. But now that they’re older, what a disaster. I just found a paper about a school event I would have gone to but never saw the announcement. Could you please write about your paper organization again?

Thank you. Trish

Dear Trish,

I certainly sympathize with you and am happy to explain my paper organizing system again. It’s not so bad during the first couple months of the school year, but by mid-year, all that paper can be overwhelming. And what’s worse, lost assignments, notes from teachers, misplaced instructions for science projects and so forth can affect a child’s grades. [Read more…]

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