How to Promote Reading in Your Home

Create a Reading Environment to Help Kids Learn to Read

Dr. Linda explains why a reading environment at home is important and how to promote reading with your children.

Dear Dr. Linda,

Madison’s teacher is telling parents to encourage reading at home. She says she’s not just talking about helping Madison with reading her school book or helping with homework.
Man reading to himself models reading for children.

We do both of these things already. And we read stories to Madison when she was younger.

The teacher recommended creating a reading environment at home. I have no idea what she means. She didn’t explain how to promote reading.

Can you tell us if you think a “reading environment” is a good thing and how to promote reading? Wondering about reading

Dear Wondering about Reading,

I’m assuming the teacher means making sure people in the family read and talk about reading. She’s just didn’t tell you how to promote reading for your kids. She’s probably suggesting [Read more…]

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