How to Make Reading Fun

Make reading fun

Having Fun While Learning to Read

2nd grade twins are bored with reading worksheets. Dr. Linda suggests games and physical exercise to improve learning and agrees that worksheets can be very dull indeed.

Dear Dr. Linda:

School’s just started and already my twins are bringing home one boring math or reading worksheet after another. It’s their 2nd grade homework. They have different teachers but even so some of these worksheets are identical.

My daughter, Erika, doesn’t mind them since she’s determined to do everything her teacher tells her to do. Her brother, Andrew, on the other hand hates “those stupid worksheets.” It’s a real struggle to get him to complete them.

Obviously we can’t do anything about the worksheets, but can you suggest something to make learning basic arithmetic and reading more fun. Thanks for your help. Twins’ Mom

Dear Twins’ Mom,

You’re not alone. Lots of kids, including those who get excellent grades, don’t like the worksheets. They just aren’t very much fun. And from the research we know that kids (and adults too) learn best when [Read more…]

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