“I enjoyed using this program with my son. He is typically very hard to calm down to teach, and this held his attention beautifully. The FunBook was not overwhelming for him. The games were his favorite part, especially playing Go Fish with the various decks.

I love that this teaches children to read while appealing to all of the learning methods. It is simple to teach because students actually enjoy it. The characters in the stories are fun and encourage students to want to read more into the modules.

Being able to pick and choose which activities to do was helpful as well. None of the activities took very long, but some things are more exciting to my son than others. This program encourages you to follow their lead and do things in the order that works best for your family or classroom, even omitting things if you wish.

Overall, I’m pleased with this program. I appreciate that each module follows the same familiar flow of story and activities, ending with the play. There are so many hands-on ways to study and practice the material, so students can’t help but feel motivated when it is time to work on their reading. The methodology is sound, and the resulting program is fun, simple to use, and engaging to help kids learn to read.”

—Product review by Jennifer Land,
The Old Schoolhouse® Magazine, LLC, December, 2016

Hi Linda,
I would like to report on our trial experience using Tiger Tuesday at our school with our toddler class right through our fifth grade.

  • The Toddler teacher reported that the students loved Thurman and Marshmallow and served to engage them in both the story and letter sound and name recognition. The songs that were suggested were fun and served to assist each little student in processing and retaining the information. In short, they requested these songs each day. We also found the card matching letter/sound material to be a great assist and very helpful to our older toddlers, 2.5 to 3 years of age. Read More >

“Finally, an engaging reading program that’s so much fun that kids are motivated to read.”

— Greg Chahalis, Reading Specialist, Westchester Co., NY

Doing Tiger Tuesday at home“I wanted to send this picture of my own kids doing Tiger Tuesday! They love it!”

— Jackie P., Teacher, Westchester Co., NY

“I love playing Go Fish. I never understood what VCE meant before. Now I know, because when I have the word ‘hop’ it goes with ‘hope.’ VCE is so easy.”

— Amanda, 3rd grade

“I used to hate to read, but I love reading about Tiger. He’s so funny.”
— Mario, 5th grade

“I won! Spelling Showdown is the best game ever!”

— Nicole, 3rd grade, when playing Spelling Showdown with R-Controlled cards.

“I must read The Tale of Tiger Tuesday to all my students because I just love this book.”

— Reading teacher, K-3, Montessori School

“I homeschool my kids and find it hard to motivate them. They love Tiger Tuesday. Thank you.”

— Mom, Nassau County, NY

“I have to show this to my teachers. It’s got everything we need…[and] the cost is reasonable.”

— Director of Curriculum Development

“This is going to help the ESL kids. Research found that they do better when reading plays.”

— Retired principal, NYC Schools

“I love Tiger Tuesday. I don’t know what happened, but reading became so easy.”

— Sean, 4th grade

“What I love most about what I’ve seen so far is how excited my student is about the games. Your philosophy about students having fun while learning is a breath of fresh air. Teaching high standards while having fun is a wonderful combination. Always looking for a new approach that can do both.”

— Meredith Lippman, Reading Tutor

“My 7 year old daughter, Lila, is a struggling reader. She was just introduced to the Tiger Tuesday Reading Program. Lila was actively engaged in fun reading activities for an hour and forty-five minutes. I know that the Tiger Tuesday program will help my daughter develop a love for learning and reading.”

— Melissa Zaug, Speech Pathologist

Phonics Centered — Consistent with Orton-Gillingham — Multisensory