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Tiger Tuesday Reading Program

Tiger Tuesday Reading Program Module

The Tiger Tuesday Reading Program brings joy back into learning how to read from the very beginning!

The program begins with the teacher reading the award-winning book, The Tale of Tiger Tuesday to the children. It is this fantasy story that introduces the setting and characters of the entire program. These familiar characters are part of the success of this program.

The story talks about how Mr. and Mrs. Tuesday owned a yarn and button shop and how they found a bag of magical yarn that was used to make each of the characters (and many more!) that are included in this program and why all the stories take place on Tuesday Street, “the happiest street in the whole wide world.

“The greatest strength of the program is that getting to know the Tiger Tuesday family is just plain fun!”

Let us introduce the main characters in the stories, the Tuesday family including 5 kids and 2 pets:

MrTuesdayMr. Timothy Tuesday: He is not only the perfect father because he’s calm, wise, supportive, caring and loving, he’s also quite handy. It is Mr. Tuesday who built all the houses, the fire house, the general store and Tiger’s wild tree house. Mr. Tuesday made Tuesday Street, the happiest street in the whole wide world.


Mrs. Tilly Tuesday: She is not only the perfect mother because she’s calm, wise, supportive, caring and loving, she’s also quite handy. It is Mrs. Tuesday that created all the dolls that came to life on Tuesday Street. Mrs. Tuesday encourages her children to keep on wishing and dreaming. “Dreams and wishes do come true,” she tells her children.


Tiger: 7 years old…full of energy, ideas and enthusiasm…loves to create and invent new things…spends much of his time in the tree house that Daddy built. Has a mild reading and spelling problem (which is addressed in a few of the stories) His hat is also a mystery…it was Tiger, when after he put on his hat, brought Tuesday Street to life. His stories are filled with imagination.


Trudy: 10 years old…perfect student, loves to sing, but doesn’t always go along with Tiger’s wild stories. She’s the one who questions him when he tells everyone at dinner that he walked on a rainbow or flew to the moon in a rocket. Trudy treats Tiger like the skeptical big sister. Whereas Mommy and Daddy tell Tiger that it’s wonderful to dream because dreams do come true.


Tuffy: 10 years old…good student, but doesn’t find school as easy as Trudy does. He loves baseball and his bike. He’s very supportive of Tiger. For ex. when Tiger has to go to the reading teacher, Tuffy tells him that he had to go when he was Tiger’s age and the reading teacher helped him. He also helps Tiger out of jams he gets himself into. He’s the perfect “big brother”.


Tommy: 6 years old…adores and idealizes Tiger. He’s Tiger’s pal. Loves to go on the adventures with him and sits wide eyed as Tiger tells his wild stories and creates wild inventions.

Tammy learns to read

Tammy: 6 years old…spends much time with Tommy and Tiger, but goes off on her own to play with her dolls and draw. She’s the real little sister. Never goes against Tiger and like Tommy, is in awe of him. Well, not as much as Tommy.


Thurman the dog: even though he’s the family dog, Thurman spends most of his time with Tiger. He is the perfect pet. He loves, loves, loves Tiger and will do whatever he wants. No matter how wild the scheme is that Tiger puts together, Thurman is there to go along with him. The Tiger Tuesday Reading Program includes a Thurman the dog doll that students can take home and get the same support that Tiger gets!

Marshmallow the frog, a character in the Tiger Tuesday Reading ProgramMarshmallow the frog: Like Thurman, even though she is the family frog, she spends most of her time with Tiger and Thurman. But unlike Thurman, she does not go along with Tiger. In fact, she represents his conscience. When she knows he’s doing the wrong thing, she says, “RIBBIT JIBBET.” Sometimes Tiger ignores her because he wants to do it, but in the end will say, “I know you told me not to do such and such.”

The principal of Duffy School is Mr. Friday, Tiger’s teacher is Ms. Daisy, the reading teacher is Mr. Green, and the music teacher is Mr. Star.

To find out more about the Tiger Tuesday Reading Program and if it is right for you, click here!

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