What Should I Buy?

Once you know the 7 Steps to decoding words, and where to begin with the child (or children) you’re working with, the answer depends on your budget and application.

You can buy Single Items — like a FunBook of activities or a deck of cards or choose from several game packages. Click here to explore all our individual games, books, and activities.

You can buy a Single Module, centering on one phonemic pattern. Click here to learn more.

You can buy our “Toolkits for Tutors and Teachers.” Click here to learn more.

The Reading Readiness Toolkit, which includes 1 copy of The Tale of Tiger Tuesday, 2 reproducible FunBooks, flashcards, card and lotto-style games, and 2 simplified teacher’s guides with suggested activities for teaching the Alphabet and Consonant Sounds; and/or

The Reading Toolkit, which includes 1 copy of The Tale of Tiger Tuesday, 4 FunBooks, eight card decks, and 4 teacher guides for teaching CVC, VCE, Vowel Digraphs, and R-Controlled Vowel decoding skills.

You can buy the Complete Tiger Tuesday Reading Program for small groups and classrooms, which include 6 – 30 workbooks for each of the 7 steps, 7 teacher’s guides, multiple copies of The Tale of Tiger Tuesday, games focused on phonics and other language arts concepts, hand puppets and smartboard scenery for plays, and more. Click here to learn more.

Phonics Centered — Consistent with Orton-Gillingham — Multisensory